If you are looking for the details regarding the portal which is run by Athena health inclusive, then  you are at the correct destination. Today, I am gonna discuss the details related to the patient health portal especially patient bill payment portal which is quickpayportal globally. The portal www.quickpayportal.com is the portal where the patients whose outstanding bills can be cleared easily through online payment. The payment process involves quite a few steps which we will discuss in this post precisely. quickpayportal requires you to have your own quickpayportal account before you proceed any further in the bill payment part. Once you complete

the registration process you are all set to go. 

The process of registration at quickpayportal is as follows:

  • Firstly you need to have your quickpayportal code which can be found by contemplating your medical bills.
  • If you fail to find the quickpayportal code then look for account id or statement id on your bills. 
  • Once you find your statement id or quickpayportal code then you can process further by clicking on the www.quickpayportal.com link here. 
  • After opening the link you can enter your login details if you have already registered account by your quickpayportal code. 
  • But if you do not have one then go to the register link and enter your quickpayportal
  • code followed by you personal details like phone number, email, your name etc., 
  • After completing the before mentioned steps you will receive a confirmation message regarding the success of your registration at the portal. 
  • Once you receive the confirmation message from the quickpayportal you can now log in by using the login credentials.
  • Now, you are logged in to the portal you have access to your quickpayportal dashboard and for paying your bills then proceed further by clicking on the bill payments option provided there. 
  • The bill payment tab once pressed shows you your  previous bills and the history of all the bills that are synced with the quickpayportal.
  • You can pay your bills which you want to clear right away. 

Quickpayportal is a known globally for its quicker services and also the easy with which it can be accessed online. This is the reason for its 110 million customer base.  The customer support staff are always available for you, you can take their help regarding any help if you wish to have from them. 

Quickpayportal code: 

  • The quickpayportal code is the unique code which is linked to you while you process your payments at any random pharmacy stores which accept quickpayportal.
  • This code helps to sync your payment bills with the quickpayportal code. 
  • The code is also used to generate your quickpayportal account when needed. 
  • This is the only code that identifies your unique bills apart from others.

Where to find quickpaypotal code?

  • You can access the code on the receipts recieved by you while you get access to medical treament at the hospital. 
  • The quickpayportal code is printed on your receipts.
  • Sometimes quickpayportal code is replaced with some other kind of codes like statement id or other kind of reference ids. 
  • You can find them by carefully examining the bill you received. 
  • Some times this code is mentioned as access code. 
  • Any code works fine when you access the quickpayportal code. 

Quickpayportal log in process.

  • The log in process is as follows, go to the link www.quickpayporal.com by clicking here. 
  • Once you open the link enter your quickportal code or statement id or access code in the text field provided there. When you are done entering the quickpayportal code then click on the sign in button and now you will be asked to enter your quickpayportal password. 
  • If you want to change your log in password then you can do so by following the instructions on the screen. 

How to pay the medical bill using the quickpayportal?
 After you complete all the steps above click on the bill payment option which shows you all the outstanding bills currently and also your previous bill history. Choose the bill that you want to clear and choose your preferred mode of payment. Complete your bill payment process and you are all done now.